A Journey of Discovery… The Quest for the Truth Beyond First Class
Holiday of a Lifetime

This year’s expedition was pretty much fully booked months ago.

Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, a number of people have had to defer their trip until the next time.

That means we have available 7 twin share cabins (so that’s a total of 14 people).

Now, it’s late in the day…there’s not too much time left to be able to make all the arrangements to join us on this trip. (The dates are December 1-16).

So here’s what I’m going to do for 14 very lucky people…

…I’m going to slash 55% off the investment required to join us on this trip of a lifetime.

The only small condition is that you need to book a twin share cabin along with a friend, partner or family member.


Here’s a glimpse at the amazing experience you’ll enjoy when you join us on this adventure…


  • Enjoy a deluxe cruise along the legendary river Nile from Luxor to Aswan in our own specially chartered luxury vessel
  • Explore the majestic, mysterious and mighty temples at Luxor, Kanark, Dendarah and Aswan with PRIVATE visits where you get to see places that are forbidden to most people
  • Marvel at the extraordinary Valley Of The Kings and walk in the footsteps of legendary figures in history
  • Visit the Giza Pyramids (these are one of the 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD!) with a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE visit (that few people get to experience!)
  • Stand in the shadow of the SPHINX (other visitors are NOT allowed to do this) again a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE visit where tourists will be looking at you not the Sphinx wondering at how special you are to have this access.
  • You get to enter the King’s Chamber INSIDE the Great Pyramid for your own private time and meditation PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE visit
  • Enjoy a swim, snorkel or dive in the Red Sea when we relax at Sharm el-Sheikh
  • A private and exclusive visit to the world-famous Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  • Meet the famous and infamous Dr Zahi Hawass (one of the world’s leading experts on the mysteries and treasures of ancient Egypt) who will give us A PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE lecture on the latest discoveries!

If you’ve looked at joining us on this expedition before, but for some reason haven’t yet decided, then this is your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.


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I knew this trip was going to be amazing but my expectations were far far exceeded. Words cannot do justice to how awesome, brilliant and stunningly beautiful this tour was. We did not have to lift a finger and our accommodations were so beautiful we never wanted to leave any of them. Each day was fantastic – but every day surpassed the last. I mean, how can you improve on perfection!!! We experienced not just the magnificent pyramids, temples and places that everyone knows, but we were given a personal invitation into the heart and soul of this magnificent culture and its people. How can you go to a country on the other side on the Earth and feel so at home in every sense. We were honoured and welcomed by so many beautiful people that took care of us. The only problem was when we were asked what our favourite experience was we couldn’t decide as there were too many!!!

This is so much more than a tour of Egypt – you can get that anywhere – this is a life long love affair that has just began. I will return again and again, and I will only ever go to Egypt with this tour. Nothing else compares.

Marie Budimir, Melbourne, VIC

There is no place I have been to on the planet that feels as alive as Egypt. The culture, traditions, people and landscape persists in these times of change and their stunning monuments are brilliant reminders of a time gone by. This trip gave me tremendous insights into the people, their culture and traditions; immersed me in its natural wonders and took me inside the most treasured and sacred monuments on the planet. The incomparable personalised guidance gave me the opportunity to absorb this wondrous place and this I have not experienced in all my life's travels.

Sandy Barrett, Frankston South, VIC